NZXT Source 220 Review 3

NZXT Source 220 Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The NZXT Source 220 sells for a 54.90 Euros, which is 5 Euros more than the Source 210 Elite with a completely plastic front.
  • Pretty cool looks (subjective)
  • Two fairly quiet fans included
  • Internal USB 3.0 connector
  • Excellent black design throughout the entire chassis
  • Screwless HDD locks hold suprisingly well
  • ODD locks hold well
  • Many openings for cable management
  • Tall CPU coolers will fit
  • No dust filters for intake fans
  • No extra screws included - just the bare minimum
  • Not many boards have the internal USB 3.0 connector yet
  • Design may not be for everyone
  • Simple packaging
Seems like NZXT has gotten their act together. First the Phantom, then the H2 and now the entry level Source. As is the scenario for all cases of this price class, looks is what matters and NZXT has managed to offer a good feature set for a 39.90 or 49.90 Euro chassis. Essentially the Source 220 is the exact same chassis as the Source 210 Elite, but with a metal mesh front, allowing for better airflow.
That said, the chassis is still quite good for the price and offers an excellent design for the masses. The only two bigger gripes I have about the chassis - both no deal breakers - is the lack of screws and dust filters. Overall we can certainly recommend the chassis for those design conscious folk who are on a budget or rather spend their money on something else besides computer parts.
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