OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Platinum EB Review 0

OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Platinum EB Review

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Right now, DDR2 is only available to the Intel Platform. The biggest drawback people are complaining about, is that DDR2 is running at slower timings than traditional DDR.
That is why OCZ, who have always been designing products with the enthusiast in mind, came up with a memory that can run at 667 MHz but at tighter timings than the standard JEDEC Spec.

From the Manufacturer OCZ Technology:
  • 667MHz DDR2
  • CL 4-2-2-8 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
  • 1GB (2X512) and 2GB (2X1024) dual channel optimized kits
  • Unbuffered
  • Platinum Mirrored Copper Heatspreader
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 2.1 Volts
  • 240 Pin DIMM
  • 2.2V EVP - OCZ's unique Extended Voltage Protection feature allows PC2-5400 modules to handle voltages up to 2.2V ±5% and still be covered by our Lifetime Warranty


OCZ's retail package is simple, but it shows you exactly what you get - two OCZ memory sticks with beautiful mirror-finished heatspreaders.

Each module has a sticker on it, which gives the rated speed and the recommended timings.

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