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OCZ ZS Series 750 W Review

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We would like to thank OCZ for supplying the review sample.

Lately something is going on in the OCZ PSU department (or PC Power & Cooling). After the release of the fine, high-end, ZX series a new series, ZS, follows. This series, contrary to the ZX one, addresses the value-oriented users so in its members you won’t find exotic characteristics like fully modular cabling systems, Gold efficiency, DC-DC converters and so on. Following this path OCZ managed to keep the prices of ZS units at low levels so whoever wants a reliable PSU from a known brand like OCZ and doesn’t mind the lack of modular cables will sufficiently cover his power demands.

The ZS series consists of three members with capacities ranging from 550W to 750W. The first two PSUs have only two PCIe connectors while the highest capacity one has four PCIe. All units feature a single +12V rail and their continuous output is rated at 40°C and not at 50°C, which is recommended by ATX spec. The ZS members are covered by OCZ’s three year power swap warranty and promise reliability, low noise and high efficiency. Speaking of efficiency all ZS are 80 PLUS Bronze certified.

In today’s review we will torture a ZS 750W in order to reveal everything about its performance and at the same time find out how reliable it is, because in a PSU reliability is the most crucial characteristic and everything else follows. But enough with the long prologue, it’s time to skip to the main review.

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