Pandawill Rii mini i6 Keyboard & Remote Review 1

Pandawill Rii mini i6 Keyboard & Remote Review

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Pandawill is the name of relatively unknown PC peripherals company based in China. Today we will be taking a thorough look at their Rii mini i6 keyboard. The keyboard also features a regular infrared remote, albeit the omission of numpad the remote control feature is somewhat useful. With the Rii mini i6 the emphasis is on creating one integrated unit with full QWERTY-keyboard. The mini i6 is compatible with all the Bluetooth device we could throw at it.

Priced at $60 the mini i6 will not break the bank, and since it has an integrated rechargeable battery it is very cheap to use. The Rii product line-up consists of quite a few keyboard devices for different uses.

Specification: Rii mini i6

  • Can simulate any two remote control
  • 72 Keys + Touchpad
  • Operational Range: up to 30 meters
  • Transmit power: +4db Max.
  • Operation voltage: 3.3V
  • Input: 5V
  • Operation current: < 50mA
  • Charging current: < 300mA
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