Phanteks Eclipse P300 Review 7

Phanteks Eclipse P300 Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Phanteks Eclipse P300 sells for US$60 including taxes or €60 including levies.
  • Extremely well priced
  • High-quality glass panel
  • Excellent metal shroud
  • Front panel metal-plated
  • Removable dust filters on top, bottom, and front of case
  • RGB-LED-equipped power and accent lights
  • Can be extended with more RGB elements
  • Velcro Strips for easy cable management
  • Simple but effective cable-routing possible
  • Thumbscrew-equipped expansion slots with reusable covers
  • Tool-free 3.5" hard-drive installation
  • SSD bracket behind motherboard tray
  • Retail-grade 120 mm exhaust fan included
  • Only one 2.5" SSD bracket included
  • Very few RGB-lighting elements out of the box
  • Top air vent may not interfere with motherboard if radiator is installed
The Phanteks Eclipse P300 is a fairly simple case. The interior lacks any crazy innovation or tooling, but shows that something like this is by no means a shortcoming. The chassis clocks in at a mere US$60, but manages to impress with both build quality and a nice, functional feature set.

While things may be on the simple side, everything works well. The motherboard tray is straightforward, but comes with a properly sized opening for the CPU cooler and allows for up to two SSD brackets to be installed - with the only gripe being that Phanteks only provides one out of the box. There are also Velcro strips for easy cable management and the space needed to execute on that as well.

In the interior, above the metal shroud, there is pretty much just the motherboard tray, with the right cable-routing openings in the right locations around its edges. Besides that, there are just the fan-mounting possibilities with a basic one in the ceiling, but also two additional ones in the front, where you may choose to install a radiator as well. Considering the price of the chassis, it may be forgiven that there is only a single, non-LED-equipped fan in the back, but that said, it would have been nice to see more lighting elements within the P300 - especially as it offers the full RGB functionality.

On the outside, you are greeted with a great material mix of glass and metal, with a few elements of plastic here and there. In other words: the Phanteks Eclipse P300 does not look cheap; nor does it look affordable.

There are a few very affordable RGB-equipped cases out there - the Rosewill Orbit-Z1 with more lighting on a budget springs to mind. Phanteks aims to offer understated, simple yet refined looks instead, which should make the Eclipse P300 an extremely attractive choice not just to those on a budget, but essentially the whole enthusiast crowd out there, and that as one of the best budget cases on the market today.
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