QNAP TVS-463 8G AMD Powered NAS Review 3

QNAP TVS-463 8G AMD Powered NAS Review

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We would like to thank QNAP for supplying the review sample.

Most mid-level and high-end NAS servers nowadays use Intel CPUs, which may make us think that NAS manufacturers have turned their backs on AMD's offerings. But such is not the case as QNAP has recently made a point of using an AMD CPU with Radeon graphics for their fresh TVS-x63 series. The line targets the mid-SMB category, but comes with many features we usually find in high-end units, like support for 10GbE networking through an optional expansion card. AMD's CPU also supports hardware-accelerated encryption, and QNAP speaks of cryptographic performance that exceeds 600 MB/s. All other high-end features of a QNAP NAS are also a part of the TVS-x63 line, including the QvPC technology that allows you to use the NAS as a regular PC, the LCD display via which some basic administrative tasks can be performed, the Virtualization station that allows for the installation of multiple operating systems, and many more such interesting features. All TVS-x63 series members also come with four free camera licenses where most QNAP NAS boxes only come with one or two licenses instead.

The TVS-x63 series consists of four basic models with two available configurations each. The TVS-463 is the line's entry model and comes with 4 GB of memory. The TVS-863+ is the flagship and comes with 16 GB of memory. In this review, we will test the TVS-463-8G with 8 GB of memory and the ability to take up to four HDDs. We believe that a four-bay NAS addresses the needs of most users today since its capacity can fully support a home or even a small office if all HDD slots are used. Before we proceed to the main review, we would also like to note that QNAP provides one of the most comprehensive brochures we have ever seen. The amount of work they put into it is impressive and goes to show that the TVS-x63 series wasn't a rushed but well-thought-out release. You can take a look at the TVS-x63 series brochure here.

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