QPAD MK-70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 1

QPAD MK-70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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QPAD has now been in the mechanical gaming-keyboard business for a while with their MK-50 and MK-80/85 models. The new model, dubbed MK-70, as the name suggests, slots in between the MK-50 and MK-85. It features blue backlit keys, just like those on the MK-85, but omits the USB hub and audio pass-through. By doing so, QPAD has also managed to lower the price to a somewhat more manageable €99.90. The MK-70 we received for testing was equipped with the Cherry MX Red mechanisms considered the best by the majority of gamers.


  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Full N-Key roll-over on PS/2 (WASD cluster for USB)
  • Blue backlighting
  • Driverless
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