QSAN XN3002T 2-bay NAS Review 3

QSAN XN3002T 2-bay NAS Review

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We would like to thank QSAN for supplying the review sample.

Most of you probably have never heard of QSAN Technology as this is the first time even we have come across a product from this brand. QSAN was founded in 2004, so it is not a new company. Its main purpose is the building of storage systems spanning across the FAS, SAN, DAS, and NAS categories.

QSAN has six NAS lines and today, we will take a look at the XN3002T belonging to QSAN's most affordable line. The XN3002T also has a large brother with 4+1 bays instead of 2+1. The first thing to impress is its nice external design, which doesn't resemble that of any of the competition's offerings. It is always nice to see something new, especially when it has such a distinctive look.

As already stated, the XN3002T can take two 3.5" drives, and it has an additional slot for another 2.5" drive on its side, most likely for an SSD for cache purposes. This NAS is home-oriented even though it has enough RAM (4 GB) because it is equipped with a mainstream CPU that won't be able to cope with tough tasks.

Since QSAN hasn't been in the NAS game for a while, its OS, QSM, naturally lacks many options and features compared to QNAP's QTS or Synology's DSM. But QSAN's people are determined to enter this market for good, so we will give them some time to improve their operating system and enrich their app ecosystem. Both of those facets are essential for a successful NAS product, where the software is even more important than the hardware.


XCubeNAS XN3002T Specifications
ProcessorIntel Celeron 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Memory4 GB DDR3L SO-DIMM, up to 8 GB
Storage2x 3.5"/2.5" SATA II/III  + 1 SFF disk
File System
  • ZFS file system
  • EXT2 (Virtual Volume)
  • EXT3 (Virtual Volume)
  • EXT4 (Virtual Volume)
  • FAT (Virtual Volume)
  • NTFS (Virtual Volume)
  • HFS + (Virtual Volume)
RAID Levels:Single Disk, JBOD,
RAID 0, 1, 5
Capacityup to 30 TB (4 TB x2 + 2 TB x1)
iSCSITarget & Initiator
Networking2x 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
I/O Ports

USB 3.0 x3 (Front x1, Rear x2)
USB 2.0 x2 (Rear)

Dimensions160 (H) x 119 (W) x 216 (D) mm
Power SupplyInternal, 100-240 V
Fan1x 70 mm (AD0712UB-A7BGL )
Warranty2 years
Price excluding VAT
(at the time of the review)


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