Raijintek Triton Review 33

Raijintek Triton Review

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Performance Summary

The graph below shows the performance summary of all tested CPU coolers, with the tested product as the baseline at 100%. Every other cooler's performance is relative to it. The summary includes stock and overclocked testing only—idle temperatures have not been included because they are irrelevant.

Performance per Dollar

When it comes to a cooler's overall performance, price can be a major determining factor. As such, the performance-per-dollar graph delivers. The list below shows how each CPU cooler stacks up to the competition by using each manufacturer's MSRP for pricing. If no MSRP has been listed, pricing is taken off the ever-popular online retailer Newegg. In the event of no reputable retailer in the USA having the reviewed cooler, pricing will be obtained by checking reputable online retailers in the EU. Pricing, once established, will be converted directly into US dollars.

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