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RASURBO Real & Power 550 W Review

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We would like to thank PNL-tec GmbH for supplying the review sample.

RASURBO is a brand of PNL-tec GmbH, which is a German company founded in 2005 distributing cases, power supplies and cooling products. RASURBO products currently span into three categories: cases, power supply units (PSUs) and fans. As they state the main feature of their products is the unbeatable price/performance ratio, a very proud claim indeed that we will keep in mind while conducting this review.

RASURBO currently has three PSU series: REAL&Power, GaminX & Power and ECO&Power. The first of the aforementioned series includes four PSUs with capacities ranging from 350W to 650W. The test subject of today's review is RASURBO REAL&Power 550W (RAPM550 here after) PSU. This unit is 80 PLUS certified, EuP/ErP ready, features a semi-modular cabling system and is backed by two years of warranty. The unit's strongest point is definitely its price, 60€. If it manages to exhibit decent performance then, with this price, it will be a good solution for a small home/office PC.

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May 21st, 2022 11:25 EDT change timezone

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