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Razer Goliathus Review

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Razer is one of the top players when it comes to producing quality gaming peripherals. Recently Razer updated their cloth based mouse mats with the Razer Goliathus line. Not only are these new mats available in two different versions ”Speed” and ”Control”, but also in three different sizes. These mats are said to be compatible with all types of mice right from conventional optical mice to the more recent ones using third generation laser sensors. Aside from the size of the mat Razer has opted for a more conventional color scheme, gone is the green and black swoosh paint job. These new mats feature a black top with only two small Razer logos. The fact that you can get the mat in three different size and two different textures is really neat since it allows you to get a mat close to your ideal, both in terms of size and speed.

The Package

The new Razer Goliathus ships in a big black box. If you have the chance to visit a store that has them you will actually be able to feel the texture of the mat without having to find one being demoed since there is a small hole in the side of the cardboard box. The mat we received for review has the "Speed" surface that unlike the control version has less surface friction and a smoother texture. With the Goliathus you get nothing but the mat, no Teflon for your mouse or any other form of reasonably attractive accessory. This is sort of what you would expect for a good gaming mat that costs only $19.99.

Both the "Speed" and "Control" version of the Razer Goliathus mats are available in three different sizes, which is really nice because it means that you can get one that fits your needs more closely. The old Mantis mats where only available in one size which can only be described as XXL, this turned away a lot of gamers. The choice of size is a welcome change. Razer claims that the mat is optimized for all types of mice sensors, whether this is true or not I cannot judge since I only tried it with the three most common types of gaming grade sensors.
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