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Sharkoon 1337 RGB Mouse Pad Review

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Sharkoon is no newcomer in the gaming peripherals market. They have released a lot of great products in past years. Their main cloth mouse pad line is the 1337 series offered in four different sizes and a plain black surface color, without stitched edges. Nowadays, RGB-lit mouse pads are indeed a thing, and there aren't many textile versions of these out there as they are mainly made out of plastic. Sharkoon answered the market's call and created the 1337 RGB, which actually has its lighting implemented inside stitched edges. It's a win-win as it lights up and doesn't fray on the sides.


Sharkoon 1337 RGB
Surface Material:Microfibre
Base Material:Rubber
Dimensions:359 mm x 279 mm x 3 mm
Edges:Stitched, RGB-lit
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