Silicon Power Thunder T11 120 GB Review 0

Silicon Power Thunder T11 120 GB Review

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Packaging & Contents

The Silicon Power Thunder T11 ships in a fully colored cardboard box with an image of the drive on the front and some specifications in multiple languages on the back. There is no hole to hang it up on a rack, for example, which is something Apple stores really like to do.

You will receive a 30 cm Thunderbolt cable which clearly follows the Apple design in both shape and materials used. A sticker also asks Windows user to download the drivers, and there is a manual should you run into any issues.

A Closer Look

Taking a look at the Thunder T11's size, it is basically as wide as a compact 2.5" enclosure, but only about half as long. Its casing is made of thin Aluminum, while the front and rear feature plastic elements. If you prefer a different color, your only choice is to grab the 240GB unit featuring a blue hue.

There is no vent or label at the front - just a white plastic cover. The Thunderbolt plug and an elongated, slim LED are in the back.
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