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Sleek-Audio SA6 Earphones Review

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Sleek-Audio is a new company that makes some very unique earphones. The earphones are dubbed SA6 and feature a lot of highly innovative features such as tuning ports that allow the user to customize the sound signature of the earphones. Even though Sleek-Audio is a relatively new brand they have already developed a good name for themselves. Their dedication and support for the product and excellent customer reviews have most definitely helped to promote the brand and further added to the hype about the Sleek-Audio earphones.

What sets the Sleek-Audio earphones apart from many of the competitors besides the customization features is the fact that they employ a customized balanced armature driver instead of the generic kind. The result is a somewhat spectacularly sounding earphone with a truly unique feature set.

To further add to the value of the earphones the cable is easily removable and can be upgraded in the near future. Already in the works is a device that will allow the earphones to be run wireless.

As with most modern earphones, Sleek-Audio supply several different sized tips for the earphones along with three sets of bass and treble tuning parts. The SA6 takes the level of customization to a completely new level by adding a customizable frequency response.


  • Standard Cable: 60 inches
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • DC Resistance: 24 ohm
  • Speaker Type: Ultra Wide Band Balanced Armature Driver with Custom Porting
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB SPL/mW
  • Lightweight
  • Wearable in Multiple Positions
  • Replaceable / Interchangeable Swivel Cables
  • Variable Equalization (VQ) System
The Sleek-Audio SA6 have a lot of unique features right from the swivel cable to the bass ports and treble tubes. Like most earphones they are really easy to drive with an impedance of only 50 Ohms. This makes them suitable for use with portable media players.
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