Thermaltake SMART 730 W Review 0

Thermaltake SMART 730 W Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The Thermaltake Smart 730W retails for $99.99
  • Good efficiency (for its basic 80 Plus certification)
  • Good enough ripple suppression
  • Decent price/performance ratio
  • Pretty compact dimensions
  • Loose voltage regulation
  • Bad results at Crossload tests
  • 3.3V rail out of limits in the second Advanced Transient Response test
  • Cannot deliver its full power at >40°C operating temperature
  • Only the 24 pin ATX cable is sleeved
The Thermaltake SMART 730W surely is not a great performer and this is clearly shown in our Performance Rating graph where it occupied the last spot. Nevertheless in the second graph, the one that illustrates the Performance per Dollar percentage, the same unit claimed fifth place, a noteworthy achievement showing that for this price tag its performance is acceptable. Still, in my opinion, this PSU leaves much to be desired.
For starters in a modern PSU I expect all cables to be fully sleeved and not only one of them. Also voltage regulation, especially at 3.3V, is very loose and I would like to see higher voltage readings at +12V with full load. Judging from the full load tests I conducted it seems that this unit, although it can truly deliver 730W, is highly stressed and it would yield much better results if its max capacity would be restricted to around 600-650W.

To sum up, despite what the performance per dollar graph shows, I still have a feeling that its price is higher than it should be and the SMART 730W would do well with some performance-related improvements in order to compete better. The most important of these improvements should be tighter voltage regulation and a better group regulation design in the secondary side, to offer better results with highly unbalanced loads. Finally I would like to see sleeving on all of its cables, although this might affect its price. I am pretty sure that most of the users out there wouldn't mind paying a few bucks more for a PSU with fully sleeved cables.
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