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VidaBox Premium Wireless Keyboard Review

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TechPowerUp would like to thank VidaBox for supplying the review sample.

VidaBox is a company located in New York that makes "The World's Most Advanced Media Centers." They make high-end HTPCs with quality components and plenty of features. Recently, VidaBox announced their new Premium Wireless Keyboard with an integrated optical trackball (model # ACC-RF-KBOTB).

  • 30-foot (10m) wireless range
  • Compact form factor with integrated 800 dpi optical trackball pointing device and mouse buttons
  • Auto-shutoff feature preserves battery life
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable - included)
  • Battery Life: Two (2) month stand-by time
  • High performance, high frequency wireless allows minimal dropped signals/dead zones
  • Premium anti-dust keyboard pouch included
  • Dimensions: 12.83" x 5.04" x .97" (326mm x 128mm x 24.72mm)
  • Weight: 1.13lbs (512 grams)

About VidaBox

We were founded in late 2005 by a group of engineers. At the time, we all had the typical VCR, DVD player, stereo, PC, etc. - a number of separate devices & remotes that cluttered the living room. We tried to find a product to simplify everything - but to no avail. Universal/programmable remotes were lacking and annoying to program, and wasn't 100% reliable. Commerically available control systems with custom interfaces were astronomically expensive, and the media centers of that day were not very reliable, difficult to configure "out of the box", and limited in capabilities.

Thus, we decided to design and build our own systems. After that, we started showing it off to family and friends, who were very impressed. Many of them started asking where they can buy one, and the rest is history!

Today, we focus ourselves on designing and engineering systems that bring together the perfect synthesis between home entertainment and comfort. Engineered from the ground up, VidaBox media centers combines music, movies, TV, and video management with the convenience of home automation - all under the control of one remote interface.

Combining these features for ease-of-use doesn't mean that audio or video quality is sacrified. In fact, the VidaBox line of systems all feature 1080p upscaling only matched by high-end, dedicated players & scalers for a clear, crisp, high-definition picture. From your favorite DVD movies and TV shows, to the newest Blu-ray and HD DVD titles - our systems let you see them with detail and clarity that you've never seen before.

Along with life-like picture quality, the VidaBox provides a truly cinematic experience with support for Dolby Digital & DTS for up to 7.1 speakers. With both digital coaxial and optical connections, you can finally hear bit-for-bit perfect sound from your surround sound system, in the way that the director meant it to be heard.

Beyond the AV aspect, no entertainment experience is complete without setting the mood, so the VidaBox has integrated climate, lighting, and security control to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. Bring up the thermostat, dim the lights, and watch your favorite movie or TV show - let VidaBox help create the perfect entertainment experience at the touch of a button.

All these great features aren't just limited to the theater room - get the same experience & automation control in your bedroom, guestrooms, kitchen, porch, & other places with multi-zone VidaBox extenders. Stop DVD playback in your main theater, and pick it up in your bedroom. Stream music throughout your house for a party. You can even get access & control from any internet-ready PC while you're at work, or traveling on the road. With VidaBox, instant access & control has never been easier.

No matter where you are - at home or away - everything from video to music, from security to lighting - is only a few clicks away with the VidaBox.
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