Spire X2 6019B Review 0

Spire X2 6019B Review

Value & Conclusion

  • The X2 6019B will carry a price tag of around 100 euros incl. taxes or roughly 105 U.S. dollars excl. taxes.
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Thermal divider between PSU bay and motherboard area
  • Metal duct behind the motherboard tray
  • Pre-wired cables out of the box
  • Great level of detail gives the case its looks
  • Fan on/off switch for two individual units
  • Fan LED on/off switch
  • Three fans included
  • Easily removable 5.25" covers
  • Dust filters on intake areas
  • Loads of possibilities to secure loose cables behind the motherboard tray
  • Removable HDD cages
  • Three fans included
  • Removable plastic divider within the motherboard tray
  • Plastic divider not as useful as X2 makes believe
  • Cables of default color
  • Tension locks for ODDs do not hold that well
  • Tight spacing
  • Opening in motherboard tray not big enough
  • Limited availability for now
The X2 6019B may have a really weird name and some may have the same thought after first hearing about it, putting it down as just another "re-branded" case, but boy, does the 6019B prove us wrong. It may have taken a few design cues from existing cases but still has plenty of unique elements to make it stand out properly. With three included fans, a solid construction, and good use of materials, the 6019B keeps up with expectations upon first sight, but a closer look showed it to offer a few features we were not expecting to see. The rear cable duct and its internal dividers took us by surprise for a chassis of this size. The ability to turn two of the fans off completely, and even toggling their embedded LEDs on/off, is also a nice feature to have. The chassis is a bit compact but all installed parts fit into the chassis well. That said, there are a few things that put a small dampener on things. The second plastic divider does not seems as useful as X2 may lead you to believe. It will probably not fit most scenarios. The tension locks for the optical bay do not, while well constructed, do their job properly. Last but not least, the colorful cables are a real eyesore, but excellent cable-hiding and routing possibilities will make most of those disappear.

X2 ultimately managed to surprise us with the chassis. It is a real, viable alternative to all the other players on the market. A good start. Keep it up X2!
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