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Jan 12, 2014 SuperSSpeed S301 64GB Tweaktown
Jun 11, 2013 SuperSSpeed SLC S301 128G TodoHTPC (es)
Jun 11, 2013 SuperSSpeed SLC U303 32GB TodoHTPC (es)
Apr 21, 2013 SuperSSpeed S301 Hyper Gold SLC Tweaktown
Mar 18, 2013 SuperSSpeed S301 Hyper Gold 128GB SLC HardOCP
Jan 2, 2013 SuperSSpeed S301 SLC 128GB CR Edition HWBox (gr)
Dec 17, 2012 SuperSSpeed Hyper Gold S301 128GB Tweaktown
Dec 5, 2012 SuperSSpeed S306 120GB RAID Real World Labs
Nov 20, 2012 SuperSSpeed S306 120GB Real World Labs
Nov 8, 2012 SuperSSpeed S301 128GB Real World Labs
Oct 15, 2012 MyDigitalSSD SuperSSpeed S301 128GB SLC Real World Labs
Sep 1, 2012 SuperSSpeed S302 Hyper Gold MLC 240GB Tweaktown