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Nov 12, 2017 TeamGroup PD500 Tom's Hardware
Oct 24, 2017 Team Group Cardea Zero 240GB Guru3D
Jul 13, 2017 Team Group T-Force Cardea 240GB NVMe Tweaktown
Apr 24, 2017 Team Group T-Force Cardea M.2 480GB Guru3D
Apr 16, 2017 Team Group T-Force Cardea 480GB M.2 Tom's Hardware
Dec 23, 2013 Team Dark L3 240GB Computer Base (de)
Sep 20, 2010 Team Group Xtreem S1 120GB SSD Tweaktown
Feb 8, 2010 Team Group Xtreem-G1 120GB SSD Tweaktown
May 2, 2007 Team 16GB 2.5-inch Tweaktown