1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Headphones Review 1

1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Headphones Review

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The Package

1MORE ships the MK802 in a big box full of goodies. The MK802 is available in two colors, blue and red. In that sense, they are holding on to their slightly odd color offerings.

Bundle-wise, 1MORE has always done a good job, and the one shipped with the MK802 is no different. You get a charging cable as the MK802 is running off internal, non-replaceable batteries. If the battery runs out, you will be pleased to find out that the MK802 works in passive mode as well with a supplied TRRS mini-jack cable, which can be a life-saver.

1MORE also includes a soft cover, which should be enough to protect the MK802 from surface scratches. The MK802 is not foldable, so providing a clam-shell like you get with the Edition S from HiFiMAN would be impractical, though it does provide much more protection.

1MORE has chosen to make the MK802 out of a titanium alloy, which is a good call, but there are caveats. For one, the anodization does not seem that scratch-resistant, which is a bit of a letdown, and another is the color selection. The blue version we got is slightly light in color and gives this set of headphones a bit of a cheap look, even compared to headphones made out of less premium materials, like the BOSE QC-35s.
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