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A.C. Ryan AluBoxTFX Review

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I would like to thank A.C. Ryan for supplying the review sample.

Today techPowerUp! has the pleasure of looking at a new product from A.C. Ryan called the AluBoxTFX. The AluBoxTFX is an external hard drive enclosure that allows the user to implement an IDE or SATA hard drive, utilizing the new eSATA connection for SATA drives, as well as USB 2.0 for SATA or IDE drives. And the TFX? That means “Tool Free Experience,” which is A.C. Ryan’s way of saying that the enclosure is completely tool-less in design.

From the A.C. Ryan website:


TFX ToolFree Xperience
  • No screwdrivers / tools needed to install harddisk
  • Simple and fast
  • Harddisk is firmly and securely mounted
  • Patented ToolFree design
  • Advanced Shock absorbers
  • Extra protection for your harddisk
  • Patented shock absorption design
Advanced passive cooling
  • Full surface contact between harddisk and AluBoxTFX's solid aluminum top
  • Entire AluBoxTFX's massive aluminum acts as a large heatsink cooler
  • Absorbs heat from harddisk and keeps harddisk cools without need for fan
connect to PC via USB2.0 or eSATA
  • USB2.0 480mbps / compatible with USB1.1
  • eSATA interface (enables a longer max. cable length of 2m) up to 3Gbps with SATA2 harddisk
for both IDE or SATA / SATA2 harddisk
  • use SATA harddisk on eSATA or USB
  • use IDE harddisk on USB
  • enjoy the blazing speed of SATA as fast as an internal harddisk!!
  • supports all 3.5" harddisk up to 10000RPM
  • supports all 3.5" harddisk max capacity 1024GB
True HotSwap Plug-n-Play
  • Simply Plug n Play even while your system is on
1.8mm solid aluminum
  • keeps harddisk cool
  • Ultra lightweight solid construction
  • shock resistance up to 90cm freefall
  • high quality mirror polish
  • sleek & slim 30mm height
Horizontal Stackable or Vertical
  • designed for horizontal or vertical placement
  • vertical placement with vertical stand
  • multiple box can be stacked on each other
  • Front BlueLED light indicates HDD activity
Dimensions : 205 x 125 x 30mm
Weight : 545g

Package Contents:
  • AluBoxTFX
  • Vertical Stand
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • AC Power Adaptor Power Cord*
  • USB2.0 cable 1m
  • eSATA to eSATA cable 1m
  • User Manual
  • Driver CD for Windows 98SE*
* no drivers needed for Windows Me/2000/XP
* no drivers needed for Mac OS 9.0 or above

About A.C. Ryan

About AC Ryan ProData
AC Ryan ProData empowers AC Ryan's Data Generation. A generation of users who expect to see, use, hear, feel, experience digital content / data anywhere and everywhere. AC Ryan ProData develops products and accessories for these generation pro-data users. The AC Ryan ProData currently comprises AluBox (data storage on the move), ProData accessories (ExpressCards, eSATA, USB Hubs), MobiliT (power on the move) Universal Notebook Chargers & External Batteries. Upcoming products include a new range of Digital Video (HDMI) cabling & accessories. AC Ryan ProData is quality you can feel at prices you can afford.

About AC Ryan ProModding
AC Ryan ProModding is the leading modding products & supplies specialist, producing more than 600 items for your modding pleasure. Pioneering the revolutionary CableFREE concept, introducing Connectx connector modding system, advancing the FlexSleeving craze, infecting half the modworld with UVactive Fever... there's no doubt AC Ryan leads the way. With the recently launched "Re-Invent", AC Ryan takes familiar products and give them a simple, clever and unique AC Ryan Re-Invent twist. Check out our creations and enjoy them! AC Ryan makes mods more modded.

About AC Ryan
AC Ryan has been one of the leading producer of quality cabling & accessories for international companies since 1992. The establishment of the modding productline in 2002 led to the international brand awareness of AC Ryan. Known for innovation and quality, and never afraid to break new grounds, AC Ryan instantly became a favorite with promodders and advanced users. The new campaign AC Ryan ProModding & ProData unifies the inventiveness of the promodding spirit and the superior production knowhow established through the years in prodata.
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