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A.C. Ryan AluBox LAN Review

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The AluBox LAN comes packaged in a fairly thin cardboard box. As you can see, it got bent in a bit during shipping. The entire box is kept in a very strong blue, white and black. The front lets you know of the structural advantages of the AluBox, while the back lists the operational features in multiple languages.

The top of the package holds a sturdy handle made of plastic. This makes transportation from the place of purchase very simple. The inner package consists of a fragile cardboard tray. Other manufactures opt for solid white carboard boxes and even use foam to hold the enclosure in place. This is an area where A.C. Ryan could improve a bit.


Inside, you will find a CD and manual. The booklet is very well written and features pictures to aid in installation. There is a clear plastic stand and the usual cables - USB 2.0, Ethernet & power - inside the box as well.

The power supply is just the type you would expect for a hard drive enclosure. It has the usual brick shape and is rated for 2A output on 12V and 5V. This is needed as USB 2.0 is only capable of delivering 0.5A over the USB 2.0 interface.
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