A-DATA 16 GB 350x Turbo Compact Flash Card 1

A-DATA 16 GB 350x Turbo Compact Flash Card Review

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A Closer Look

A-DATA ships all their memory cards in a casing. This is certainly not something to take for granted. While most manufacturers do so, there are some which simply ship the card in the plastic package without any additional casing.

The new front layout is completely different than the one of the 266x variant. The carbon fibre look has been replaced with a simple yellow to black fade. While this may not look as nice as the previous design, it does look more professional. The rear has not changed at all. There is still a white sticker on it, with light gray lines to write on. I suggest writing your name and address on this puppy, as this is not your normal, generic Compact Flash card.

The serial number can be found on the upper edge of the card, just as is the case with previous models. The number does seem to have more contrast, which makes it easier to read than on the 266x version of this memory card.
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