A-DATA 16GB Turbo Compact Flash 3

A-DATA 16GB Turbo Compact Flash Review

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A Closer Look

A-Data also included a semi-transparent box, made of plastic. While this is something which is included with most memory cards, there are companies out there, which omit such a protective box.

Taking a closer look at the card, it features the same color theme found on the package. The backdrop is black and the important information like the A-DATA logo, the word "Turbo" and the capacity of 16 GB are clearly visible. On the rear you will find a white sticker with a few lines on it. This is where you could write down what is stored on the memory card, or maybe even place your address on it, just in case you happen to lose the unit somewhere.

The card's serial number can be found on the little edge opposite of the connector. The above image has been altered a bit to make this serial plainly visible. You will be hard pressed to read it under normal lighting conditions.
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