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A-DATA Super Info SD Card 512MB Review

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One of the special things about this particular SD card is the fact that it has a small display on the back. The display can show the name which you have assigned to it via windows explorer and the remaining capacity of the card.

The display shows 2 characters that you can assign to it, by default the card is named SD (Secure Digital). After the two characters there are 4 numbers which together show the remaining capacity in MB of the card.

Above you can see the display in action, I loaded a picture onto the card from my PC and set the name of the drive to FS which are my initials. The little display is quite clear and calculator style. It doesn't require any battery to work because it's a stable LCD display. I think that the little display is a nice idea which it makes it easy for you to label your SD cards, and get a quick overview of capacity without having to insert it into a PC or digital camera.
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