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A-DATA Extreme Edition 1200+ 1GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

The memory modules still utilize the prominent red color, but A-DATA has updated the design with different heatspeaders. These are cleaner and thinner in dimension than the old ones and many manufacturers are moving to this new design. There company logo is present on both sides and is printed onto the heatspreader.

Some manufacturers use a single sticker, while A-DATA utilizes two on the heatspeaders. One mentions the model number and serial number, while the other displays the rated speed and CL rating. There is no mention anywhere about the operational voltage required at these speeds, but the company website states at least 2.3V. This is nothing out of the ordinary, but the memory is actually quite unique in this aspect as we will discover later during benchmarking.

As the sample is a kit of two 512MB modules with all the memory ICs on one side, the used heatspreaders do not make contact with the chips very well. While this may not look good, the DIMMs work perfectly fine. This also makes peeling off the heatspreader very easy.

A-DATA includes a third sticker on the memory itself. This means that the red aluminum spreaders are simply placed on memory already rated to run at the speed without this addition. The ICs used by A-DATA are Micron D9H parts - no big surprise here. The inprint of the edge of the PCB reveals the fact that this is a Brain Power PCB - once again, this is something you would expect from memory running at this speed and rating.
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