A-Data Vitesta DDR2-800 Review 0

A-Data Vitesta DDR2-800 Review

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From the Manufacturer A-Data:
  • 240-pin unbuffered DIMM
  • Density:256MB/512MB
  • Maximum 6.4GB/s bandwidth
  • JEDEC standard 1.85 +/- 0.1V power supply
  • 32M x 8 component configuration
  • CAS Latency:5
  • 4 Bank
  • Off-chip driver (OCD) impedance adjustment, and on die termination (ODT)


There is no special dual channel "kit" packaging from A-Data, so you just get two packages of one module. There is no need for matched kits with these memories, but it's better to buy two modules around the same time than from completely different batches. The packaging can be opened and closed again easily.

The matte red heatspreaders look very clean. They are identical to the G.SKILL heatspreaders, except for color.
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