A-DATA Football Disk 512MB 6

A-DATA Football Disk 512MB

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We compared the OCZ Mini Kart to the following USB devices:
  • OCZ Rally 1GB
  • OCZ Mini Kart 1GB
  • Corsair Flash Voyager 1GB
  • Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 512 MB
  • Thermaltake MUSE external HDD enclosure
  • Generic Stick USB 1.1 256 MB
We used HDTach in the following two benchmarks.

Initial results of the Football Disk were rather strange (slow), so I repartitioned, reformatted the disk and filled it up with data once. After that, the results were excellent. 23.1 MB/s is the performance crown of all USB sticks tested to date. It is pretty much the same speed as the famous OCZ Rally which well known for its great speeds.

Even though the available bandwidth is huge, the access times are not so great. However, this will not really affect you except when you move a lot of small files around.

To get a feeling how the speed with different sized files is, we used the ATTO disk benchmark.

Like with all drives performance gets better, the bigger the data chunks are. Also common to all USB sticks is that writes are slower than reads. Optimum file size is 64KB or bigger for maximum performance. Considering that even a JPG from your camera is bigger than that, you should have no problems getting good performance.
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