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ADATA HM Series 650 W Review

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The packaging is rather compact and the white color prevails. On the front we find the trademark logo of ADATA along with the PSU's photo. On the rear we find a brief reference to the main characteristics while on the top and on one of the two sides we are informed about the connector count and cable length and the power specifications respectively.


Once we opened the box we saw the multilanguage user's manual. Beneath it resides the PSU, protected by bubble wrap. Next to there is a bag which stores all modular cables. The rest of the bundle includes an AC power cord. Unfortunately no zip or cable ties accompany the unit.


The unit has a very nice appearance, thanks to its wonderful paint job which uses a scratch resistant paint, according to ADATA. On one side we find the ADATA logo engraved into the casing and on the other side there is a small ventilation grill which however is blocked by the internal wiring so actually has no functionality. On the front the classic honeycomb ventilation design is used and we find an on/off switch which comes in handy in many situations. On the rear we find the modular connections which are painted according to the connectors they support. Also the hardwired cables are fully sleeved back into the case and there is a grommet around the cable exit hole for extra protection. Finally, the fan, which features a three color LED lighting according to the load that the PSU handles. Green color is of course for low load, blue for normal and red for full load. So if you have a case with a side window and the PSU is bottom mounted you can actually be, briefly, informed about the load status of the PSU. However a cheapo socket type power meter will provide you with much more detailed data if you really want to check on your system's power consumption.
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