ADATA Nobility N005 16 GB USB 3.0 Review 0

ADATA Nobility N005 16 GB USB 3.0 Review

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I would like to thank Caseking for supplying the review sample

ADATA produces some very unique and useful memory products, ranging from a complete offering of notebook and desktop memory, SSDs, power supplies, memory cards in various shapes, sizes and USB storage in many flavors. ADATA also has licenses to produce such memory devices with themes of Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney. Their current line-up of flash drives has been categorized in four different groups. The Nobility represents the higher-end spectrum of their drives. We have the pleasure of reviewing the Nobility N005 USB 3.0 flash drive with 16GB capacity.

This is what ADATA has to say about the N005:
ADATA proudly introduces the Nobility Series N005, exceeding your expectations for a USB flash drive. Featuring an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface and a massive 64GB capacity, the N005 outperforms conventional USB 2.0 drives in transfer rates by nearly 300% and allows you to carry as large video files and other data wherever you go. Complemented with a titanium coating on the anodized aluminum casing, the sleek Nobility Series N005 says “tech-savvy” and “stylish” all in one.

Packaging & Contents

ADATA ships the Nobility in a fairly bulky box. While most other manufacturers try to stuff as many units of a product into a container to save on shipping costs, this one can be considered large for a flash drive. There is an image of the drive along with a sticker of the capacity on the front, while the rear goes into a bit of detail about the drives specifications. ADATA has also placed a 1:1 image of the drive on the side, so that users will know how big the flash drive will be without having to take it out of the package.

Even though the package is big, there are no extras to be found within. ADATA could have easily made the box a third of the size instead. A tiny warranty pamphlet is the only thing besides the stick within the white cardboard box.
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