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ADATA Nobility N005 16 GB USB 3.0 Review

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A Closer Look

The N005 is part of the Nobility series, which denotes ADATAs higher-end product lineup. It is constructed of aluminum with plastic ends. Overall, the N005 makes a very sturdy impression. You will find the ADATA logo and model name printed on one side, while the other is completely void of anything. The gunmetal gray housing is not symmetrical, as one side is flat. This allowed me to take a picture of it as seen above.

In terms of size, the N005 cannot be considered to be a small unit. While it does look shorter than the Mach Xtreme GX for example, it turns out that both are almost identical in length, but the Nobility is a bit bulkier.

A little hole in the end piece of the stick allows you to use a lanyard for example, but it will also mean that you would not be able to place the cap on the end anymore. The serial number and capacity of the stick has been edged into the USB plug by a laser. It can be seen clearly when taking a close look at the connector.
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