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ADATA Nobility N005 16 GB USB 3.0 Review

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USB 3.0

The Nobility N005 does not utilize any special software to deliver advertised performance. ADATA mentioned 85 MB/s write and 55 MB/s write performance. While the read speed is easily attainable as shown with HDTach, the write speed maxes out at just under 30 MB/s. While this may be disappointing when compared to ADATAs marketing, fact is that the stick is still quite fast for a USB 3.0 unit of this price segment.

Taking a quick look at ATTO, the results are very similar. Thanks to the very linear performance of the drive across the board, you always get the same performance no matter where data is written on within the capacity of the flash drive.

When comparing the Nobility to the other USB 3.0 sticks we have reviewed up to now, the N005 easily beats the Mach Xtreme GX stick in terms of read performance (without turbo mode) and also when looking at the write performance. As both are priced similarly this clearly puts the ADATA stick in a better position.

USB 2.0

In terms of USB 2.0 performance the drive is alright. With an average read performance of 23.4 MB/s and writing speed of 25.4 MB/s it translates into an above average USB 2.0 stick. Fact is, that there are faster USB 2.0 devices out there.

Taking a look at ATTO we do get higher read speeds, but this is simply because the drive performs better in the tested memory area.
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