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A-DATA Nobility N702 4GB USB Flash Drive Review

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I would like to thank A-DATA for supplying the review sample. The company produces some very unique and useful memory products, ranging from a complete offering of notebook and desktop memory over memory cards in various shapes, sizes and speeds to USB storage in many flavors. A-DATA also has licenses to produce such memory devices with themes of Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney.

We have the pleasure to review the Nobility N702 today. It is available in three different colors:

From the manufacturer:
  • Decoration accessory - necklace x 1
  • Decoration accessory - key chain x 1
  • COB process for PCBA
  • Convenient USB rotary connector
  • Support Windows ReadyBoost
  • Support USB 2.0, backward compatible with USB 1.1
  • Dazzling metallic luster
  • Decoration accessory for necklace and key chain
  • Dimension: 41.85x16.2x 8.15mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight: 6g
  • Color: Silver/ Red/ Blue


A-Data packages the Nobility USB Flash Drive in a black box, which has a small window. Through this opening the N702 can be viewed. The rear lists all the features of the memory device, but you will not find any apparent sticker to let you know what capacity it has. Upon closer inspection, you will find this piece of information on the side of the black cardboard box. There are certainly better locations for such important information.

To gain access to the device you need to pull the inner box out and then take off the clear pastic cover.

Inside the box you will also find a small manual, which let's you know how to extend the USB connector and how to apply the included ribbons. There are two of these strings inside the box, one is intended to be used as a keychain, while the other should be applied if you choose to wear the N702 as a necklace. That would certainly be a very unique way of carrying your storage device around.
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