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A-DATA PD18 Flash Drive 2 GB Review

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A Closer Look

The small dimensions of the PD18 become apparent when it is placed on the optical disk and when compared to other memory devices. The Super Talent variant is already quite slim and compact, but the A-DATA device is even much smaller and only about half the size.

A-DATA has used aluminum as the primary material for the PD18. This is better than the plastic of the PD17. The front features the A-DATA logo in a prominent black while the back is clean. The color of the aluminum is of very high quality, while the plastic ends are actually black material, so you will not have to worry about anything peeling off. The PD18 is a bit thicker than the PD17, but this is due to the full size USB 2.0 connector.

Pulling the USB device out of the casing is actually fairly easy and does not require a lot of force. This means that the possibilty of loosing the cover is fairly high. All the memory is stored in a long USB connector. This shows how small the device actually is.

Once pulled out, you could go around asking people what this device may be and most should be baffled by it. A-DATA printed the serial number of the device on the USB 2.0 plug itself, while the other side is clean, but looks just like it.

The seperate key chain can easily be looped to the USB device itself. Even if you lose the casing, your data stays with you. The rear rubber part of the chain fits into the aluminum casing perfectly and much better than the device itself. If A-DATA would add a rubber ring in the plastic part of the device itself, this would improve the hold quite a bit.
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