A-Data T907 Jack Skellington 8GB Flash Drive 21

A-Data T907 Jack Skellington 8GB Flash Drive Review

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A Closer Look

I have to admit, the T907 Jack Skellington looks really cute. It is made of a rubberized plastic material similiar to that of the blue Smurfs. There is no A-DATA logo or mention of capacity anywhere, so this flash drive would not stick out in an array of Disney figurines - the perfect way to hide data in plain sight.

Taking a look at the front, the oversized head of the T907 has a big grin along with a perfectly recreated set of eyes as well as nose. He has his hands pushed against his hips and is wearing the signature suit to boot. Looking at him from the back the cut in the grey suit is also present. I think A-DATA has managed to add just the right amount of details to this Disney flash drive to make it pop.

The USB connector can be revealed by pulling off Jack Skellingtons head. It is long enough to easily fit into any port which is not recessed, so I am easily able to plug it into the Macbook Pro or any standard PC USB port as well.
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