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A-DATA S701 & SDHC Eee PC Editions Review

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Packaging & Contents

A-DATA S701 Eee PC Edition

A-Data uses the same packaging shape for the S701 Eee PC edition as with the normal variant of the USB drive. Only the cardboard insert is different. This special version only ships in white, as it is the primary color of the subnotebook as well. It would have been nice if A-Data could also supply colors to match the other color options of the Eee PC, but these are not nearly as wide spread as the white one.

A white strap with an Eee Pc logo on the metal end is also included. This differs from the black cloth one within the package of the normal S701.

A-DATA SDHC Eee PC Edition

The SDHC Eee PC Edition is white as well. It also ships in the identical packaging as the normal version, with the only difference being the cardboard inlay once more.
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