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AMD Athlon II X4 645 3.10 GHz Review

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Gaming Tests

And finally some gaming benchmarks, the favorite review page for all gamers. Five popular titles are chosen to represent every game genre. Crysis and Modern Warfare for FPS gamers, Resident Evil 5 for adventure gamers, GTR Evolution and DiRT 2 for races and Dawn of War 2 for those who like to play RTS genre games.

In-game quality details for all resolutions are set to following:
  • Crysis v1.2 in-game benchmark: DX10, medium details preset
  • Modern Warfare II: high details
  • Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II: high details preset
  • DiRT2: DX11, medium details preset
  • GTR Race ON: maximum details, Level 1 AA
  • Resident Evil 5 benchmark - DX10, medium details

Crysis Warhead v1.2 64bit

Modern Warfare 2

Warhammer II v1.5


GTR Race ON!

Resident Evil 5 benchmark

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