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AMD Trinity FM2 APU Preview Review

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APU Features

One of the biggest power-focused changes to the platform is the introduction of AMD Turbo Core 3.0. Details are, at this point, sketchy at best, but what I can tell you is that it operates on both the CPU and the GPU portions of the APU. Also new is the addition of native AMD Eyefinity technology for 3+1 monitor support, which means you can have three displays in an Eyefinity group and another monitor, for other duties, running off your motherboard (assuming it's equipped with proper output capabilities). Of course, the fourth monitor must be added by using a daisy-chained DisplayPort link, which means that the new AMD APUs include DisplayPort 1.2 support. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any monitor out there that supports daisy-chaining yet, but I may have missed one.

AMD has also introduced AMD Memory Profile support (auto selects memory timings in select DIMMs). It is very similar to Intel's XMP Profiles. AMD Memory Profile support offers easy setup for performance-based DIMMs, making mucking around in the BIOS with timings a thing of the past. Other platform updates include AMD CrossFireX support with AMD A85x motherboards and a big upgrade to the options of AMD Dual Graphics only - a technology which is still supported on all FM2 chipsets. AMD has also enhanced the AMD Dual Graphics tech by supporting new titles and adding support for DirectX 9, 10, and 11. There are also easier installation features which I got to put to the test myself. I have to say that I had no issues at all getting it up and running by simply adding in the discrete GPU. There are some caveats though as not all AMD Dual Graphics implementations work the same, with different APUs needing different discrete add-on VGAs. Which component you may plug your monitor into, be it motherboard or discrete GPU, also changes with the APU that is used. Fortunately, AMD has made how everything works pretty clear, and I have listed the full details below. It will, hopefully, help you figure out which part combination you need to buy to get the most out of the platform.

APU ModelA10A8A6A4
Suported Discrete GPU for Dual Graphics:AMD Radeon HD 6670
AMD Radeon HD 6570
AMD Radeon HD 6570AMD Radeon HD 6450AMD Radeon HD 6450
Attach displays to:AMD Radeon HD 6670
AMD Radeon HD 6570
Or AMD A10
AMD Radeon HD 6570AMD A6AMD Radeon HD 6450
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