AMD FX-8150 3.60 GHz with Windows Patches 89

AMD FX-8150 3.60 GHz with Windows Patches Review

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Gaming Tests

And finally some gaming benchmarks, the favorite review page for gamers. Five popular titles are chosen in effort represent every game genre. Metro 2033 for FPS gamers, Batman and Mafia II for adventure and 3rd person style gamers, Formula 1 2010 for racers and Dawn of War 2 for those who like to play RTS genre games. Of course these numbers do not represent performance figures for a certain processor in every game of a certain genre.

As for in game quality settings, a single most commonly used resolution is chosen in combination with golden middle video quality settings. Anti aliasing on all games is turned off, as this only puts additional workload on graphic cards, and with it turned off it enables more breathing space for graphic card to show any performance increase when paired with stronger type of processor. This way we hope to show you close to "real life" performance increase in video games when opting for faster processor. Note that higher-end graphic cards have more benefit from faster processor, and its vice verse for lower-end graphic cards.

In-game quality details for all resolutions are set to following:
  • Batman Arkham Asylum: High preset, Physx and AA off
  • Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising: Medium preset, AA off
  • Formula 1 2010: DirectX 11, Medium preset, AA off
  • Mafia II: Medium preset, AA off
  • Metro 2033: DirectX 11, Medium preset, AA off

Batman Arkham Asylum

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising

Formula 1 2010

Metro 2033

Mafia II

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