AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6 GHz with Vega 11 Graphics Review 66

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6 GHz with Vega 11 Graphics Review

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A Closer Look

The Ryzen 5 2400G comes in a fairly big cubical box characteristic of the Ryzen 5 series. You can tell that it comes with integrated graphics by looking at silver bands on the box with that catchy AMD Vega logo.

AMD is including a Wraith Stealth cooling solution with the 2400G and 2200G. This is the smallest stock cooling solution by AMD for this generation (after Wraith Max and Wraith Spire), but AMD feels it is sufficient for the 65W TDP of these chips. The design focus is still on low noise.

The Ryzen 5 2400G package looks like just any other Ryzen socket AM4 processor. You can install it on any AM4 motherboard if its BIOS is up to date.

AMD continues to use the AM4 socket, which means all existing Ryzen motherboards will be compatible with Ryzen G (after a BIOS update). The company also plans to stick to AM4 for the rest of this decade, so there's a pretty long upgrade-path ahead for this platform.

AM4 still has a rectangular cooler-mount-hole layout (as opposed to the square ones on Intel LGA platforms). AMD should have switched to a square layout to make it easier to orient tower-type coolers to blow hot air out the rear of the case. Current AM4-ready tower coolers have elaborate retention module kits that let you do so. Most popular cooler vendors are either selling or giving away AM4 retention modules for free. You often also have to remove the plastic retention module motherboards ship with to install certain kinds of coolers.
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