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ASRock VisionX HTPC 321B Ivy Bridge mini-PC Review

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Honestly, the box that the ASRock VisionX 321B HTPC arrived in was rather underwhelming. It's just a simple, thin, and white wrap made of cardboard, with several flashy pictures and a spec list sticker stuck to one end. Different configurations are available for this unit; I got the basic variant, but those basics do, as you can see above, look pretty good.

The wrap covered another white box that is actually of a higher quality. Lifting the lid revealed the remote up top, securely nestled inside some closed-cell foam that protects all the goodies well.


Once I had pried the foam away from all the goodies, I was pretty surprised by everything I found. The PSU for the unit, a remote, a couple of guides for setup, extra HDD mounting parts including power cables, and the ASRock VisionX 321B HTPC unit itself are all inside that square piece of foam. There's a separate PowerDVD install disc with an included activation key. A driver disc has been included as well, but the unit comes without an OS.

The PSU itself is a 120W unit that, as can be seen on the label, conforms to most global standards. ASRock's PSU OEM appears to be Delta Electronics. The PSU itself was built in China.
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