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ASRock VisionX HTPC 321B Ivy Bridge mini-PC Review

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The ASRock VisionX 321B HTPC is a small unit. Measuring in at just 8" squares, it is no taller than 3". The unit can be had in both black and grey. I obviously got the black variant. The top has a glossy finish, but its sides and bottom have a completely different finish. The underside is textured plastic, with vents on three sides of the unit for airflow.

With the ASRock VisionX 321B being under 3" tall, there is not much room on its front, but a slot-loaded ODD drive really utilizes what available space there is well. ASRock even managed to put a USB 3.0 port, SD card port, mic- and headphone jack, and an infrared circle for the unit to connect with the remote into the front without making it appear cluttered. The rear panel has a full analogue audio block as seen on full-sized motherboards. The block incorporates five jacks for you to connect your audio devices to through 3.5mm jacks, and a single digital audio output. There are also two more USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports, eSATA, and a single LAN port. The ASRock VisionX 321B HTPC has both HDMI and DVI video connectivity, but there is no DisplayPort connectivity. The last two items, at the middle of the top, are a slot for a Kensington lock and the button that releases the top of the VisionX 321B HTPC.
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