ASRock X79 Extreme11 Intel LGA 2011 49

ASRock X79 Extreme11 Intel LGA 2011

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ASRock has sent me some very large packages recently, far larger than what I am used to. The packaging for the ASRock X79 Extreme11 follows ASRock's traditional "look" for current products with a large black box sporting only ASRocks's own "555" technology logo on the front as its main focus. The back of the box goes into a bit more detail, and there is a fair bit of info here with all that ASRock has crammed into the X79 Extreme11.

With the X79 Extreme11 capable of so much, there are a few more technological descriptions hidden behind a flap on the front of the box, which, when opened, also reveals the board itself through a plastic window. I slid everything out of the box, and found that there were two boxes inside; one for the board, and one for included accessories. The tray the board sits in has a thick foam border that helps keep the board in place during shipping. It wasn't until I removed it that I noticed the many SATA ports on one side, and a bright red Creative CODEC staring back at me from the other.

The accessories box is fairly standard, clad in high-quality cardboard. It opens to reveal two compartments, one for paper stuff like the manual, and another for everything else.


I found the actual accessories to be a bit small, all things considered. Almost everything I needed was here, but I have, again, received a product from ASRock that claims Quad-SLI support even though it lacks a bridge to make such a thing possible. I'm not sure why the SATA power adapters were included, either. A full listing is below:
  • 1x I/O Shield
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Install Guide
  • 2x ASRock Feature Guide
  • 1x 3.5" bay USB 3.0 device
  • 3x Rigid SLI Bridges(two short, one long)
  • 1x Driver CD
  • 6x SATA 6 Gb/s cables with locking pins
  • 2x MOLEX-to-SATA power cable adapters
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