ASUS EAH4890 TOP w/ Super ML Capacitor Review 38

ASUS EAH4890 TOP w/ Super ML Capacitor Review

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The ASUS EAH4890 TOP with Super ML Capacitor is one of the most debated custom designed HD 4890s available. During a radical redesign ASUS changed large portions of the card to achieve what many call "an overclocking monster".

As expected, the core and memory clocks have received a boost over AMD's reference design defaults. The reference cooler was replaced by a massive dual fan, six heatpipe solution. Instead of the warm and fuzzy ATI red, the PCB color has been changed to a very stylish black. To further emphasize the overclocking potential of the card a six pin power connector has been replaced by an eight-pin one for additional power delivery. Last but not least, several conventional capacitors were removed and a Super ML capacitor was added.

9800 GT
HD 4850
9800 GTX
GeForce GTS
250 1 GB
GTX 260
HD 4870
HD 4890
GTX 275
GTX 280
HD 4870 X2
GTX 285
Shader units 1128001281281928008008002402402x 800240
ROPs161616162816161632322x 1632
GPUG92RV770G92G92GT200RV770RV790RV790GT200GT2002x RV770GT200b
Transistors754M 956M754M 754M 1400M 956M959M959M1400M 1400M 2x 956M1400M
Memory Size512 MB 512 MB 512 MB1024 MB896 MB512 MB 1024 MB 1024 MB 896 MB1024 MB2x 1024 MB 1024 MB
Memory Bus Width 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 448 bit 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 448 bit 512 bit 2x 256 bit 512 bit
Core Clock600 MHz 625 MHz 675 MHz 738 MHz 576 MHz 750 MHz 850 MHz 900 MHz 633 MHz 602 MHz 750 MHz 648 MHz
Memory Clock900 MHz 993 MHz 1100 MHz 1100 MHz 999 MHz 900 MHz 975 MHz 1000 MHz 1134 MHz 1107 MHz 900 MHz 1242 MHz
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