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The front of the ASUS MAXIMUS IX CODE's box is a lovely deep red with the ROG logo in the top-right corner, and in the bottom-left corner are the badges for the hardware and technologies the board supports, such as Intel CPUs or NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire. There is a graphic of something vaguely circuit-like and very "ROG" down the diagonal of the box. What isn't present is a "Z270"; while this may not have been a big deal when this board launched, now that Z370 has arrived, the lack of an obvious distinction could lead the unwary customer to purchase incompatible hardware.

The rear of the box contains a concise list of the board's features, along with a shot of the board and close-up images which highlight its standout features. The Intel Z270 chipset designation is clearly displayed here, so my concern about its absence on the front of the packaging is assuaged somewhat.
Overall, I think that this is very nearly an ideal box layout. Other than my previously stated concern, I feel ASUS has done just about everything else right. The front of the box is relatively simple and attention grabbing, and the back is informative but not bloated.

Opening the box shows the ASUS MAXIMUS IX CODE in its box under a rigid plastic lid instead of inside an anti-static bag. This small change gives the packaging an air of presentation, aided by the "Welcome to the Republic" on the bottom of the lid.

Also aiding in the premium ambiance is the hinge for the box. This small and probably insignificant detail means that when opened, the box sits nicely, exactly as in the pictures above. I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent more than a few minutes playing with and admiring that hinge.

The included accessories are plentiful, generous even. While I think that the sticker sheet is a little over the top, I actually appreciate the coaster. The full list includes:
  • Manual and support DVD
  • 1x Rear I/O cover
  • 4x SATA 6Gb/s cables
  • 1x SLI bridge
  • 1x CPU installation tool
  • 1x M.2 SSD adapter and hardware
  • 1x Front case panel adapter
  • 1x Wifi antenna
  • 1x 20% off coupon for Cablemods
  • 2x ROG sticker sheets
  • 1x ROG coaster
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