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ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z LGA1155 Review

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Clad in the blood red that has become traditional for the ROG line of products, the ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z showed up on our doorstep just a short time ago, ready for action. First and foremost on the front of the box is the board's name, with several small technology logos on the bottom edge. The simple design helps that box stand out on the store shelf, with very few distractions in the design that may detract from the overall impression given. The top has a flip-up top, under which we find several detailed descriptions on the Maximus IV Gene-Z's included features, while on the back, we find a listing of the Maximus IV Gene-Z's specifications, a copy of what we find on the ASUS website.

Once we opened the box, we found the board right on top, with a clear plastic cover on top that allows full view of the board itself, great for consumers that like to see what they are buying when they visit their local retailer. The board is contained within its own box, and when we removed it, we found the included accessories below, set in the bottom of the main packaging, with a small divider to both prevent the accessories from tossing around the box during shipping, as well as providing support for the board's inner packaging.


ASUS has quite often had accessories packages in their ROG line that we love; there's all the standard stuff including drive cables, software DVD, and manuals, as well as several stickers to label your drives and cables, and a little baggie of zip ties to help with cable management once the board is installed. Take a look below for the full listing:
  • 1x I/O Shield
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Xonar Promo Flyer
  • 1x Driver DVD
  • 6x SATA cables with locking pins
  • 1x ASUS Case Badge
  • 1x SLI Bridge
  • 1x ROG Sticker Package
  • 1x Q-Connector Kit
  • 1x ROG Connect Cable
  • 1x Zip-Tie package
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