ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme Intel LGA1155 40

ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme Intel LGA1155 Review

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BIOS Walkthrough

BIOS Options
ClocksRangeStep Size
CPU BCLK:80 MHz ... 300.00 MHz0.1 MHz
Memory Dividers: x8 (800 MHz), x10.67 (1067 MHz), x13.33 (1333 MHz),
x14 (1400 MHz), x16 (1600 MHz ), x18 (1800 MHz),
x18.66 (1866 MHz), x20 (2000 MHz ), x21.33 (2133 MHz),
x22 (2200 MHz), x24 (2400 MHz), x26 (2600 MHz),
x26.66 (2666 MHz), x28 (2800 MHz), x29.33 (2933 MHz),
x30 (3000 MHz), x32 (3200 MHz)
VoltagesRangeStep Size
CPU Vcore:0.800 V... 1.920 V0.005 V
DRAM Voltage:1.200 V... 1.920 V0.005 V
CPU VTT Voltage:0.900 V... 1.550 V0.00625 V
VCCSA Voltage:0.800 V... 1.700 V0.00625 V
CPU PLL:1.250 V... 2.500 V0.00625 V

Normally, I'd talk about the BIOS here by placing texts between pictures, but there's really far too much to this BIOS and too many pictures had to be taken for such an approach to be practical. ASUS packs so much functionality and so many available adjustments into this BIOS that it took me 39 screenshots to show what I have, and that is without showing each and every part, although I didn't miss much. All the usual ASUS ROG features are present: massive amounts of memory timing options (including a few not seen on other boards), lots of voltage options (most of which aren't needed expect for pushing to the upper limits in LN2), and a bunch of tools to make BIOS settings, updates, and everything else very easy. Monitoring of temperatures and voltages, fan controls, and even overclocking options for add-in VGAs have also been included. Take a look at what's offered here. I'll get specific about overclocking in a bit.

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