EKWB and Bykski Water Blocks tested on Asus GTX 1080 Ti Strix 5

EKWB and Bykski Water Blocks tested on Asus GTX 1080 Ti Strix

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Packaging and Accessories- EKWB

EKWB recently updated their product packaging such that the colors are specific to the product category, with orange for the water blocks themselves. As such, we see a large box with an orange and white color scheme in use here, with the EK logo and product name on the front, along with which particular option of the block is inside (nickel plexi in this case). On the back, we see specs mentioned in multiple languages, along with EKWB's contact information at the bottom. Nothing but the pattern continues on the side, and we see two seals at each end which need to be removed/cut before it becomes apparent that we have only been looking at a sleeve all along.

The inner box is out of orange cardboard, and it is mostly plain-looking aside from the marketing features printed on the back. There is a single flap in the middle that acts as a final barrier to prevent the contents inside from coming loose. Opening the box, we see the accessories on the top compartment, if you will, with a reminder that EKWB sells more than just water blocks. Here, we get a printed installation manual (online copy here), two spare stop plugs, thermal pads, a 1 g tube of EK-TIM Ectotherm thermal paste, two Allen keys to aid in installation, and the installation hardware kit itself that has four different screw types, some metal nuts, and some PVC washers. You will not be using all of these as EKWB now provides a generic installation kit to be used with all their GPU blocks such that it makes more sense for them to save time here and provide more material at the volume of sales they are operating at. Hence why the provided installation manual is so important. The actual block is in the lower compartment with a thin foam sheet below for further protection.

EKWB also provided a backplate to go along with the water block, and we will be sure to use it in our testing as well. We can see that the product packaging follows a similar format with the orange color scheme, except that there is not enough to warrant a two-piece packaging here - cutting open the two seals here shows that we have two flaps on the packaging and all the contents inside this box.

EKWB has wrapped the contents in a plastic sheet with a tamper-proof seal on the end, and inside, we see the installation manual (online copy here) along with the installation hardware, which is item-specific in this case. As such, we get a thermal pad strip, two sets of metal screws, some metal nuts, and PVC washers.

The backplate itself came between two paper sheets to prevent any scratches to the finish due to the other components included here, and I received the nickel-plated aluminum backplate as seen above. EKWB also makes available a black anodized aluminum version should the shiny finish here not be to your liking. I will say that I was not sure I would like this nickel finish, and it definitely was hard to photograph without reflections of objects in it, but it has definitely grown on me and is my preferred backplate finish now. The reflections of the rest of your loop and the motherboard in it make for a look that is unique to this finish. There is a "Strix" marking etched into the bottom right, next to an EKWB logo sticker with a blue protective cover on it that can be peeled off to reveal a silver finish that goes well with the rest of the backplate. On the other side, we see sections raised relative to the plate of the backplate that will touch the back of the GPU PCB when installed.
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