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ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT Review

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A Closer Look

The cooler is a really simple construction. This shows how little heat the RV610 GPU produces. As a matter of fact several manufacturers are already working on completely passive cooling solutions for the HD 2400 Series.

Even though our sample card has a CrossFire connector, the retail cards will come without one. It is not needed anyway because the data can be transferred via the PCI-Express bus without problems. This means that you can just put two 2400 XT cards into your PC, click "Enable CrossFire" and it works without any additional cables or connectors.

The naked card shows that the major components on the card are just GPU and memory.

The DDR2 memory chips are 512 Mbit HY5PS121621C FP-25 chips by Hynix with an access time of 2.5 ns which is 400 MHz.

The GPU is the AMD RV610 revision A14.
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