AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4550 passive 512M 6

AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4550 passive 512M

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Packaging & Contents

We received just the card from AMD, without package or any accessories. Retail cards will of course include the appropriate accessories like manual, driver CD and adapter cables.

The Card

The Radeon HD 4550 is dominated by the big black passive heatsink, it also uses a single slot which is often crucial in media PC designs.

The card has one DVI port, one HDMI port and one DisplayPort. This is certainly an interesting output configuration and one of the first reference design cards that uses a native DisplayPort connector. In case you still use an analog display you can of course use a DVI adapter to connect your monitor. The HDMI output includes HDCP and 7.1 audio which is a new feature of the HD 4000 Series. The previous HD 3000 Series had only 5.1 audio support over HDMI. The HDMI Audio device is integrated in the GPU, which means that you won't have to feed an external audio signal to the card like on NVIDIA.

Here are the front and the back of the card, high-res versions are also available (front, back). If you choose to use these images for voltmods etc, please include a link back to this site or let us post your article.
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